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The Best Master Bathroom Remodeling Guide From The #1 Team

Written on December 7, 2020

Keep this list in mind for your master bathroom remodeling project!

The master bathroom sees more action than any other bathroom in the house. It’s the first space used in the morning and the last before bed. This level of use is why master bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular remodeling projects for homeowners!

Master bathroom remodeling creates a more comfortable space and increases your home’s value.

This article will dive into the steps you can take in preparation for your master bathroom remodeling project!

Home remodeling

Getting work done on the home comes with its fair share of challenges. There are cost considerations, time constraints, and quality concerns.

Master bathroom remodeling is no different.

Part of the battle is finding a contractor who can perform the job the way you want it, in the needed timeframe, at an acceptable cost. 

Taking the steps in this guide will set you up for success in your search!

Master bathroom remodeling

Keep the following steps in mind when you’re getting ready for your master bathroom remodeling:

  • Find pictures for inspiration
  • Decide on tentative styles for shower, toilet, vanity, and tile
  • Determine your budget

Let’s take a look at each of these steps in more detail.

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Find pictures for inspiration.

Anyone with experience with Pinterest is familiar with the concept of using pictures for inspiration. While this site is excellent for aggregating images about a particular topic, it’s not the only resource in town.

A quick Google search will turn up thousands of articles and images you can use for deciding on the best possible aspects your master bathroom remodeling project will include. This article is first on the search results page and offers a wide variety of options.

Coming to the table with an idea of an overall look, including colors and potential appliances, will help your chosen master bathroom remodeling contractor outline a plan that’s right for you.

Decide on styles

There will be numerous options for your toilet, shower, tile, and vanity in the pictures during your research phase. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Will the tile match your new floor? Are there high-efficiency options that will save you money on water and electricity?

Take a look at which ones could work for your master bathroom remodeling project, compile potentials, and look into popular brands that offer your chosen styles.

Keep in mind any space constraints; a claw tub might not fit into your existing room!

Knowing which brands work for you–offering styles you like at a price you deem acceptable–will help when it comes time for figuring out the scope of your master bathroom remodeling project.

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Determine your budget

Take a look at your finances and determine how much you’re willing to spend on your master bathroom remodeling project. This amount varies from household to household.

Knowing your budget will allow your chosen master bathroom remodeling professional to advise on your project’s feasibility!

The most basic master bathroom remodeling costs between $1k to $5k, depending on your bathroom’s size–this includes surface level upgrades like new paint and fixtures. More comprehensive projects can cost upwards of $20k.

These amounts include not only the cost of the new materials you chose but also the labor. Rearranging your bathroom–moving the shower or toilet–will push the price towards the higher end of the spectrum.

Remember, master bathroom remodeling increases your home’s value!

How long does a master bathroom remodeling take?

Most master bathroom remodeling projects take about two to six months from the first outreach until the final walk-through. 

This time estimate depends on the remodeling project’s extent, your chosen contractor’s schedule, and material availability.

The good news is that this time is a small investment compared to the years of quality use you’ll get from a complete master bathroom remodel.

Is a master bathroom remodel worth it?

Getting in touch with a master bathroom remodeling contractor is worth it if you have the money. Taking on debt for the project is a personal consideration that depends on your household’s financial situation.

A master bathroom remodel upgrades your home’s value and is a significant selling point when a home is on the market.

There’s still value in a master bathroom remodel for those planning on staying in their home for years. High-efficiency appliances save money on electricity and water, and placing a value on the increased comfort from an updated space is impossible.

master bathroom showing tub and shower

Master bathroom remodeling in Houston, Texas

Getting work done on your home is one of the most massive investments a homeowner can make. Being prepared by following this guide will put you in the best possible position to communicate your desires to your chosen master bathroom remodeling contractor.

Looking at pictures for inspiration and researching included fixtures is the fun part! While not as exciting, determining budgets will set you up for a master bathroom remodeling experience free from the associated stress that comes with financial pressure.

ER Contracting is a bathroom remodeling company servicing the Houston, Texas area and surrounding suburbs. If you are interested in updating any of your home’s bathrooms, reach out via our contact page and schedule your free estimate!

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