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ER Contracting offers a wide variety of home remodeling services in Houston, Texas.

The home remodeling industry’s vibrancy in Houston, Texas, is due to the stable real estate market present in the metropolitan area. Lately, we have seen a repeating cycle of career-driven buyers move into and out of Houston. Each of these homebuyers has their preferences and beliefs about the way their home should look and feel. This new wave of homebuyers in Houston wants their homes modernized and expanded.

Our recent projects have included additions and the remodeling of the interior parts of Houston homes. We work with both new and long-time homeowners to find a solution to fit their needs without compromising their stated budget. Having a partner like ER Contracting in your corner during your home remodeling project is like having a trusted ally with you on the battlefield; together, we will navigate all challenges!

ER Contracting Custom Home Remodeling & Renovations

Home remodeling is an intensive process in which the older, outdated parts of a house are deconstructed, and then new materials are brought in and pieced back together. That’s why it is essential to choose a dedicated home remodeling company with vast experience in custom design and renovation.

A well-planned renovation or remodeling of your home can give an old space a fresh start while preserving the structural integrity and memories associated with the original house. The ER Contracting team is well-versed in the characteristics of older architectural styles and building materials. We understand what makes a space feel right. Let us quickly identify potential limitations and fulfill your vision of what your house could be.
Why Should You Renovate Your Houston Home?
If you feel that your current home is outdated or lacks the space that your family needs, it might be time for a comprehensive home renovation. A renovation can offer several options that will allow you to update and modify your home to fit your lifestyle and vision.

Home Additions in Houston

A recent trend we have seen is that of homeowners wanting more breathing room. They want more space and expect it to be well-designed. An older home may lack the sort of room-to-room flow and open qualities desired by 21st-century homeowners. Our goal is to install a home addition and reconfigure existing interiors simultaneously so that the new and older portions of the home can flow together seamlessly. Building a home addition allows us to upgrade older homes to meet the comfort, aesthetic, and functional standards our clients expect.

Contact us today if you are considering a home renovation or home addition to your Houston-area home. Whether you’re new homeowners or have been in your space for years, let us help you structure your space to best suit your needs. One of our project managers will discuss the steps necessary to get the ball rolling!

With a full-home renovation, you can:

Remove walls or switch the location of spaces, completely changing your home’s current layout.
Add new spaces like a gym, home office, or playroom.
Upgrade the design to match your style preferences.
Create space for aging loved ones.
Restore your home’s historical features.
Improve your home’s efficiency by adding energy-efficient upgrades like solar panels, foam insulation, or a smart thermostat.
Enhance your home’s curb appeal.’s current layout.
Make your home more appealing to potential buyers.
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