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ER Contracting offers expert gas and wood fireplace installations in Houston and surrounding communities.

Have you been considering adding a fireplace to your living room? What about in other, smaller places for excellent zone heating, allowing you to reduce your energy consumption? Now is a great time to purchase and install a new gas or wood fireplace and start enjoying having a cheaper resource for quality heat in your home or business.

ER Contracting offers the best in modern heat and luxury with professional gas and wood fireplace installations. We are a custom remodeling company that guarantees added beauty and value to your property.

Historically speaking, fireplaces have been centerpieces of Texas homes. Numerous stories exist about families gathering around them to unwind and entertain. The most common time to gather around the fire is during the holiday season. If your home is missing this significant amenity, your holidays aren’t all they could be! Imagine how nice it would be to gather around a new fireplace during this upcoming holiday season. A house with a high-performing gas or wood fireplace will offer one more way to remove the day’s stress.

Houston Gas Fireplace Installations

Installing a new gas fireplace in your home is easy when you have certified, experienced technicians performing the installation!

Gas has been a popular fuel for decades. Some reasons why you should consider getting a gas fireplace installed in your property:
• More heating from the flames is available to warm you and your room.
• The remote control allows you to start fires quickly and to extinguish the fire when you want.
• Real looking log sets are designed to look like real, burning wood.
• Gas fireplaces are available in different sizes, shapes, finishes, and colors, making it easy to choose the perfect one for your home or business.
• You can choose to place a gas fireplace in many rooms of the house for instant zone heating.
• Cleaning up after debris from crumbled logs is no longer an issue.

Houston Wood Fireplace Installations

Wood fireplaces are built to last and provide far greater heat-efficiency than other non-standard heating methods.

An ER Contracting custom wood fireplace installation expert will advise you about the ideal placement. We also offer custom design features that will complement your home’s existing design perfectly.

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a wood fireplace installed in your property:
• Modernized wood fireplaces include technologies that reduce emissions and provide a complete burn.
• The rustic aroma smell to the room along with the unmistakable sounds of popping and crackling logs.
• Economical fuel source, especially if you enjoy cutting wood.
• Multiple sizes to entirely heat homes.

Questions to ask yourself as you prepare for a new fireplace installation

1) What is the best fuel for you?
2) How involved will you be during your new fireplace’s operation?
3) What’s the best location to install the new fireplace?
4) How much heat needs to be distributed throughout the property?
5) What will be the perfect size fireplace to fit the property?

Accent your décor with the excellent aesthetic appeal of a new fireplace!

Our highly trained and certified technicians are experts in all types of fireplace installation and remodel. Our professionals can help you answer any relevant questions that you may have about the process. Let us help you select the perfect fireplace that will meet your needs for many years.

ER contracting is located in Houston, TX, and provides complete fireplace installations and remodels for customers in Houston and surrounding cities. Our team understands the stress that comes with your project. Our trained professionals come with a unique combination of first-hand experience and professional integrity.

Combined with our unique focus on communication and customer service, we believe we’ve found the winning ticket that has made us the industry leader in Houston. Our focus on constant improvement has created a culture that makes us stand out in this ever-developing industry. Contact us today for an estimate!
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