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Our extensive bathroom design process ensures both quality and clear communication throughout the bathroom remodeling process.

The bathroom is one of the most-trafficked areas in any home. A well-planned, beautifully designed bathroom adds both home value and daily comfort. ER Contracting is renowned for our extensive work experience in bathroom renovation projects.

Restoring Your Property

We understand that your property is your most significant investment, holding both physical and sentimental value. Trusting us to come into your home to handle water damage is not something we take for granted. We will take care of your belongings as if they were our own and ensure no further damage occurs. Our restoration professionals will restore as many of the damaged contents in your home as possible. Our goal is to get every restoration project done quickly and efficiently, so property owners can return to pre-disaster life as soon as possible.

When a property owner is looking to get their bathroom remodeled, we take great care to consider and perform the following:

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Take Measurements

An ER Contracting designer will visit your home or business and precisely measure the current bathroom you are looking to have remodeled. The designer will then use these measurements to develop the plans for the bathroom remodel

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By being a full-service bathroom renovation company, a singular team will work with you for the entire project–from start to finish. We guarantee that the project manager with you through your project's duration will work within your budget. Our team will handle the communication and management of the agreed-upon budget.
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We want to make sure that you are getting the bathroom of your dreams. Creating mockups of the renovated bathroom space will allow us to chart where new cabinetry, tiling, flooring, and appliances will be in the new bathroom. Our expert designer works with you throughout the process to create the exact bathroom design you want.
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Aesthetics are vital to a bathroom remodel. We will ensure that all of the finishes on your new cabinetry, sink surfaces, tubs and showers, flooring, backsplash, lighting fixtures, and any other elements match perfectly.

Choosing Materials

We only source the highest-quality materials for bathroom renovations. ER Contracting will work with you to achieve the aesthetics you hope to achieve. Over the years, we have built relationships with the best sources for all the materials needed to complete your bathroom renovation. Sourced materials include the following:


We have built relationships with the best local and international cabinet makers for both modern and traditional styles. We can produce any cabinet project, regardless of finish, style, or material, offering both storage and medicine cabinets.


We source our tile to achieve the aesthetics and function you desire, including porcelain, ceramic, glass, and stone. We can work to attain decorative accents in tiling for the floors or walls as well.


We understand that plumbing fixtures are integral to every bathroom space. We only install the best tubs, toilets, sinks, and bidets.

Water Technology

We source the proper water technology best suited to fit your needs, ensuring the underlying plumbing can handle your needs for years to come.


A vanity is one of the most critical elements in any bathroom. We strictly only incorporate the highest quality elements to ensure they will stand the test of time.


Every bathroom space is different and requires the right lighting design to ensure your bathroom space is well-lit and goes well with planned upgrades.
In addition to the staples above, we are proud to source luxury items for the bathroom space from our more specialized partners. Examples of these include saunas, steam showers, spas, advanced electronics, jets, home automation, and whirlpools.
Renovation & Installation
When you choose to go with ER Contracting for your bathroom renovation, you can be sure that our project managers will follow the protocol our years of experience have laid out. From the process to the sourcing of materials, we will make clear what we are doing each step of the way.

Our team of contractors and designers is unmatched in professionalism and passion for craftsmanship. Our design and remodeling team will work tirelessly throughout the renovation and installation process to provide Houston's very best work that maintains budget, schedule, and quality.
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