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11 Helpful Mold Damage Repair Facts To Keep Your Home Safe

Written on September 28, 2020

Know the facts about mold damage repair, so you know when to call Houston’s top team!

A mold problem has already gotten too far by the time mold growth is visible. Whenever property owners or managers face this dilemma, mold damage repair should be the next question on their mind.

The risk of health problems for everyone who frequents the space is at risk without proper mold damage repair. A comprehensive mold damage repair plan ensures that those who live or work where mold has grown isn’t at risk of respiratory issues.

This article will outline some useful facts about why proper mold damage repair is necessary. Read on to find out more!

What to know about mold.

The most important thing to know about mold is that mold spores are everywhere. It isn’t possible to get rid of them–at best, they can return to normal, safe levels.

This process is what’s called remediation. It’s different from removal, which is impossible. Mold spores exist in the air and will be present regardless of any attempts to make them disappear.

Mold growth occurs when these mold spores come into contact with moisture. The cause of the moisture is the underlying issue and is what makes mold damage repair necessary.

water damage on ceiling
Water damage is a breeding ground for mold.

Helpful mold damage repair facts.

  1. Mold is present in all air, both indoors and outdoors. It’s why removal isn’t possible.
  2. The source of moisture must be identified and addressed before mold damage repair can occur. If it isn’t, mold can grow in the same spot, regardless of how clean the surface looks.
  3. Mold produces a musty odor and can be a sign of an area where mold can grow in the future. Think of the mold smell as the canary in the coal mine before mold damage repair is necessary.
  4. High humidity levels can lead to mold growth and subsequent mold damage repair. 
  5. Visible mold often has a greater density of spores growing on the unseen side. A larger than expected problem is why a mold damage repair specialist is required to assess and remedy the problem.
  6. Insurance often covers mold damage repair. Photos taken by a mold damage repair specialist during the process can provide the necessary proof.
  7. Mold growth can devalue your property. Therefore, proper mold damage repair is essential for those looking to sell in the near future. 
  8. All water damage increases the chance of mold growth. Taking care of water damage promptly ensures the best chance at containing the issue before it becomes a problem.
  9. Mold damage repair escalates the longer mold is permitted to grow. Calling an expert as soon as a problem is suspected limits the damage and determines the repair cost.
  10. Health risks increase with the amount of mold present. Waiting to deal with a mold issue increases the chance of adverse effects on the health of whoever frequents the area.
  11. Some people are at a higher risk of adverse health effects due to mold. This list includes the very young, the elderly, pregnant women, people with compromised immune systems, and people with previous respiratory issues.
close up of black mold

How do you fix black mold damage?

Black mold damage repair is a job for professionals, like the team at ER Contracting. There are numerous safety hazards to consider when dealing with the most dangerous type of mold, and an expert can take the proper precautions to minimize the risk of everyone who comes in contact with the space.

Proper care requires specialized suits covering the entire body, special masks, and a host of safety measures that utilize specific equipment to keep the surrounding air clean. Most general contractors don’t have the necessary equipment.

Once the moisture source is addressed, the affected area is sealed off from the rest of the space, and the materials hosting the mold growth are removed.

How do professionals get rid of mold?

Professionals get rid of mold in a series of steps designed to keep the mold spores from the surrounding air.

Remember, it’s not possible to remove mold, only return it to safe levels.

Depending on the extent of the issue, the first step in mold damage repair is generally to seal off the area using plastic sheeting. Then, specialized vacuums, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers are utilized as necessary while the moisture source is addressed, and the materials supporting the mold colony are removed.

Can mold dry out and die?

Mold cannot dry out and die. If the area is dried out, and the humidity is sufficiently low, the mold spores will become inactive.

Any further moisture has the potential for future growth; continued exposure leads to mold damage repair.

Working with a professional to deal with a mold issue, and making sure the property stays dry, is essential to limiting mold growth.

Mold on doorway

Don’t wait too long to call.

The number one issue property owners and managers face is waiting too long to enlist the help of mold damage repair experts.

Remember, waiting gives mold more time to grow. Plus, by the time mold is visible, there’s no telling the extent of the growth on the far side, especially if the growth is on drywall.

Visible mold growth is just one sign of the need for a mold damage repair specialist. Mold’s musty smell is the first warning of a potential mold problem, and contacting a professional at this stage could save more money in the long run.

Our mold damage repair team is here to help!

Taking care of mold keeps you and your family safe, maintains your property value, and limits a problem that has the potential to escalate rapidly.

A mold damage repair specialist is needed by the time mold growth is visible. Complete mold removal is impossible–because it’s always present in the air–but it can be returned to normal levels, a process called remediation.

ER Contracting offers remediation of mold damage for the Houston, Texas area and surrounding suburbs. If you suspect you have a mold issue, reach out via our contact page to schedule your free estimate!

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