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5-Star Water Extraction: Fast Action Prevents Harmful Damage

Written on August 2, 2021

Taking care of floods with ER Contracting’s water extraction services keeps your family safe!

Water damage is a stressful event to experience. It can be overwhelming, and you might feel like the water will never stop coming in.

One of the most important things you can do when water starts entering your home is contacting water extraction experts as soon as possible. The longer water sits in your basement or crawl space, the more damage it will cause.

This blog post talks about water extraction and how a professional can help prevent further water damage.

flooded basement

About water extraction

Water extraction is the process of removing water from your home or building as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Extraction experts use water vacuums, dry-pump systems, dehumidifiers, air movers, and more to extract water from the affected area.

Water extraction experts are trained professionals who have experience with water damage restoration. They minimize the ongoing damage after flooding events by removing the water from the affected property.

Effective extraction is part of the ongoing effort of mold growth prevention. However, if the water is not removed quickly enough or left to dry out, mold growth will occur in these damp areas. Mold spores are microscopic living organisms with the ability to produce allergens that cause potentially harmful respiratory issues.

The water extraction process

There are three steps to the effective extraction of water. The first is stopping the flow of water, which prevents more water from entering the property.

The second step is draining the water, with particular attention given to standing water. Specialty vacuums and pumps deal with pools of water, water-saturated carpets, water that seeped into walls or floors, and water in furniture.

The third step is drying the property by locating hidden water pockets using moisture meters. Effective drying prevents further damage from mold growth where water has absorbed into materials such as drywall. Complete removal of moisture may require fans and dehumidifiers.

flooded garage

Common flooding sources

Excess water in a property can come from several sources, including:

  • Broken water heaters
  • Burst pipes
  • Excess rainwater
  • Ruptured washing machine lines
  • Backed-up septic tanks

The water’s source affects the safety measures taken during extraction. For example, the bacteria present in the water from a backed-up septic tank requires more extensive protection than the water from a broken water heater.

Equipment used during water extraction

Extraction professionals use a variety of specialized equipment during the water extraction process, including:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Moisture meters and hydrometers
  • Submersible pumps
  • Wet/dry vacuums
  • Industrial fans
  • Dehumidifiers

The vacuums that handle water extraction also have specialized attachments that can suck water from carpet and padding.

Why is timely water extraction necessary?

Water extraction at the earliest signs of a flooding event prevents further damage. In addition, minimizing exposure of the various materials in the property to water gives less time for water absorption.

When less water enters your furniture, drywall, and carpet, there’s a reduced risk for further damage.

On a longer timescale, quick extraction helps prevent mold growth. However, when the water sits—either pooled or in materials—mold spores present in the air can land and start multiplying.

What started as a simple flooding scenario can turn into a mold damage problem quickly. Fast, effective water extraction reduces the risk of a more significant mold issue.

Lastly, standing water can affect your home’s underlying structure. The water damage reduces the integrity of support materials and can lead to extensive repair requirements after completing the extraction process.

flood outside house

Water extraction in Houston

Water extraction is a necessity for many homeowners after tragedy strikes like a flood or water main break. However, many people don’t realize that water sitting on surfaces can lead to mold growth when it’s not quickly removed.

The faster you can get an extraction expert onto your premises, the better your chances of escaping catastrophic damage. Using a slew of advanced equipment, water extraction professionals handle all types of flooding issues, preventing mold and structural damage.

Our water extraction experts provide water damage cleanup services for residents in Houston and surrounding areas. Give us a call or reach out via our contact page, and a member of our team will help you deal with your flooding issue!

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