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3 Water Leak Emergency Tips To Keep Your Family Safe!

Written on November 8, 2021

Don’t let a water leak emergency cause you or your loved ones harm!

A water leak emergency is possible for any modern building, regardless of climate. Water leaks are a common problem when high water pressure breaks through old water pipes, your roof lets water in, or when your foundation can’t keep water out.

If you have a water leak emergency on your property, fast action can help keep your family safe from harm. Water leaks can lead to worse disasters like mold infestations, structural damage, and more extensive flooding without taking the proper steps!

This article will provide you with the steps you need to take to keep everyone safe if you have a water leak emergency in your home.

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How do water leaks happen?

Water leaks generally happen when water passes through the home’s defenses, usually because of a compromised material. The most common examples are faulty plumbing, a hole in the roof, or a foundation that loses its waterproof seal.

There are various reasons why plumbing could lead to a water leak emergency in your home. These include:

  • Old water lines may have degraded and worn down over time.
  • A water pipe may have been improperly installed or not appropriately insulated.
  • The water line could have been damaged by corrosion from substances such as acids from a household cleaner, water heater corrosion, or a toilet discharge valve that did not discharge properly.
  • There could be a leak in the water line that has developed after installation either due to faulty connections

For this article, let’s assume the leaks are worse than what a simple bucket can handle. The worst water leak emergency can leave standing water in your basement, affect your ceilings (if coming from above), and ruin your walls.

The hidden dangers of water leaks

Most people hear about a water leak emergency and think that water doesn’t pose much threat.

This attitude is wrong, and believing so could put you and your loved ones at risk.

There are three main dangers of a water leak emergency you should worry about when unwelcome water invades your home:

  1. Bacteria. If a sewage line bursts, the water that leaks into your home could pose a real risk of bacterial infection.
  2. Mold. Unseen pockets of moisture are breeding grounds for mold. Mold spores in the air—all around us at all times—land on moist patches and start multiplying. Over time, this mold growth sends out more mold spores, which can find their way into the lungs of anyone on the property.
  3. Electrical shock. Standing water, if it’s deep enough, can reach your electrical sockets. Even shallow depths from a water leak emergency can cover outlet strips placed on the ground and send current through the water. So whenever someone—or a pet!—stands in the water, they’re at risk of electrocution.
Water leak in bathroom ceiling.
Water leak in bathroom ceiling.

Staying safe after a water leak emergency

A water leak can happen at any moment. If you suspect that your home has such an issue, it’s essential to act fast and call for help because water leaks often lead to potential disasters such as water damage, mold infestations, and more.

1) Cut the power

If you’re noticing water seeping out of the walls of your house, water pooling on your basement floor, or water leaking from underneath the toilet, go ahead and shut off the water supply right away. If water is leaking down into your basement or dripping down through the ceiling in other parts of the house from broken plumbing, turn off the affected water using the water valve in your basement.

2) Use protective gear

Protective gear such as rubber boots and waders can reduce the risk of electric shock when you walk in standing water. In addition, if sewage penetrates your home, entire protective suits can keep you safe from the bacteria that enter during the water leak emergency.

3) Contact professionals ASAP

Calling a water leak emergency expert cuts down on how long mold has to take root on the damp surfaces. Limiting mold growth is vital in warmer climates like Houston, where the combination of moisture and heat can create a mold problem that poses health risks for everyone on the property.

woman in kitchen under black umbrella on the phone

Dealing with a water leak emergency in Houston

Water leaks happen for a variety of reasons, and water damage might not be the only problem. However, if you suspect that your home has water leaking, it’s essential to take prompt action to avoid potential disasters such as mold infestations or electrical shocks.

Make sure safety is your number one concern. Protective gear helps guard against bacteria, cutting the power limits the risk from electric shock, and contacting professional help can reduce the chance for mold growth.

You should also consider calling professionals like us at ER Contracting because we can help with your water leak emergency! So call today or reach out via our contact page and let our water extraction specialists solve your problems fast!

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