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3 Water Intrusion Sources: Quick Action Minimizes Damage

Written on September 27, 2021

Give ER Contracting a call right away whenever you find one of these water intrusion sources!

Water intrusion can be very costly in many ways. Not only does water damage lead to water bills, but it also causes mold growth which costs even more money to remove and can damage the health of anyone on the property.

Everyone needs to know the water intrusion sources that are most common to minimize water damage. The more quickly you can identify incoming water, the less likely water damage will occur. When identified early on, water intrusion experts can remedy the problem with minimal cost and time invested.

If you are unsure what water intrusion looks like or how to spot it, this article will help you identify the three most common water sources that lead to damage: plumbing leaks, roof leaks, and compromised foundations. Then, quick action minimizes water damage that occurs when water enters into your home or business!

Water damage to floor and wall

Mold damage from water intrusion

A quick note about why prompt action is your best course of action before launching into the three leading causes of water intrusion.

Water intrusion means there's an added volume of both liquid water and water vapor. When either of these issues is present, mold growth isn't far behind.

Whenever property owners and managers allow water intrusion to go unaddressed long enough for mold growth, there's an added risk of respiratory issues for anyone who frequents the property. Additionally, mold growth on drywall and other structural components of the property can create a more significant problem when bringing the location back to the way it was before the event.

When water intrusion occurs, mold can form within as little as 48 hours. So if you find water damage has happened at your property, giving ER Contracting a call right away is critical to minimizing the growth of this devastating fungus that can cause serious health problems for those affected by it!

water damage near pillar with chipped paint

3 water intrusion sources

Roof leaks

Water intrusion from a roof leak generally shows up via leaks on the ceiling. These leaks can stain and damage the drywall on the ceiling, leading to costly repairs for the property owner.

A more insidious scenario is if there aren't any visible signs of water intrusion. For example, let's say the water from the roof leak stays in the attic and out of sight behind walls. There's a real chance for mold growth in the attic in this situation because of the added water accumulation.

ER Contracting's experts also have years of experience with roof repair and restoration. So, whenever you find yourself with water entering from a roof leak, you can rest assured you're working with Houston's best when you give us a call!

Plumbing leaks

Plumbing leaks are another example of water intrusion that could affect the living spaces in your home. Although they're quickly spotted most of the time, the volume of water entering the home often causes significant water damage.

In addition to staining the drywall, water intrusion from plumbing leaks behind walls can also cause bubbling paint or wallpaper and affect your home's flooring.

The bathroom is one of the main culprits of plumbing leaks—there's nothing worse than a leaky tub or shower! It usually indicates that something needs to be replaced in your bathroom, whether the sealant around the bathtub/shower tile or corroded piping.

Compromised foundation

Water entering the basement through a compromised foundation often creates damp, humid conditions on the property's lowest level before the water is detected.

One of the most easily spotted signs of incoming water in unfinished basements is a long water trail on the concrete. Even if there's no pooling water, there's still water vapor coming into the property, so it still qualifies as water intrusion.

An underappreciated source of water intrusion is from overwatering the yard or garden outside. Even if the drainage system works during storms, a sprinkler set too close to the property can flood the area right outside the foundation and create a scenario where water finds its way through any available cracks.

Man holding smartphone in front of water leaking under door

Dealing with water intrusion with ER Contracting

Water intrusion requires fast action whenever it occurs. Whether it's from a roof leak, a plumbing leak, or a compromised foundation, giving experts a call right away will prevent water damage from escalating and minimize the resulting damage.

Whenever water gets into a property, there's an increased risk of mold growth. However, the most danger comes from water sources that aren't immediately evident—the added water vapor in your home contributes to the proper conditions for mold growth.

Give ER Contracting a call or reach out via our contact page if you live in the Houston, Texas region and experience water intrusion. Our experts will take care of your property and be with you every step of the way until your property is back to its original condition!

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